Human existence and everything can not be separated from the sun

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Gold attracts all the people in the world with its unique charm.People's go­od, evil, beauty and ugliness are reflected in this sky.In the history of „gold“ stage, there are also various legendary stories.

Iron is sought, and gold is found.

A 70 year old British man named Eric. Routh, he accidentally threw a beloved hammer in the field near Hawkes forest.He borrowed a metal detector to look for the hammer, which personalized necklace found the metal buried underground and unearthed gold, silver and jewelry worth 10 million.Later, according to archaeologists, it was custom necklaces buried 1600 years ago during the Roman occupation of Britain by a wealthy Englishman to prevent the Roman army from taking it away.Among them were silver spoons, gold necklaces, gold coins, gold spoons, gold ornaments, and a pound-and-pound gold ring with rubies.The old man also got a reward of 1 million pounds from the state. This true story should also be called „opportunity can not be met“.

Gold and the sun

Because of its sparkle, gold is used to comparing it with the sun.Such as „golden sun“, „sun shining gold“ and so on.At the same time, the formation of gold is believed to be the result of sunlight shining.Ancient alchemists and astrologers believed that water is the source of all things, gold, silver, copper and other metals are stem from water.The ground water turns into steam under the baking of the fire, and the vapor rises along the crevice of the rock.It begins to cool and condense as it approaches the earth's surface, and after thousands of years of exposure to the seven great stars, gold is produced by the strongest sunlight. And moonlight makes silver.When Columbo entered the Caribbean island of forest on 1492, he recorded the following:„From the extreme heat I've seen, this region is bound to produce costume jewelry gold.“The ancient Babylonian Empire determined the ratio of gold to silver (13:1), which was the ratio of 365.25 name necklace days of Earth's orbit around the sun to 27.32 days of the moon's orbit around the earth (13.3:1), which remained unchanged as the Babylonian Empire's ratio of gold to silver for more than 1,000 years.Ancient Chinese „Five Elements Theory“ regards gold, wood, water, fire and soil as natural things that human beings can not live without.Gold is at its head because gold is shining in the sun, and gold is related to light. And light is related to the sun. Human existence and everything can not be separated from the sun.

In ancient times, people worshipped gold like the sun. In almost all theology, gold was associated with the sun god. It can be seen that the golden culture has a long history.