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LOOKING FOR GOLD INVESTORS AND BUYERS  +27732556­584 INTERNATI­ONAL.   FRANCE ITALY CHAIN QATAR DUBAI AUSTRIA USA CANADA LONDON ENGLAND JAMAICA JAPAN SWEDEN SOUTH AFRICA SINGAPOLE . E.T.C.         The Expandable Miners and Traders Ltd, herein after referred to as “the company” is the registered holder of location License No. LL 1898 and LL1920 mineral right, and an applicant to other two location licenses. The company is incorporated in Uganda under comprises Act of 2012, with the objective of carrying out mining activities. It comprises of a substantive group of people who work independently, plan­ning and mining gold using their own resources. Its address for the purposes of these location Licenses is P.O Box 10261 Kampala.            Achievement of the companyBetween the months of December, 2018 – January, 2019 the company applied for four location licenses. In February 2019, two location licenses, LL 1898 and LL1920 were granted. The location licenses areas have duly been assessed by the department of geological survey and mining (see appendix 1), and mining activities have commenced although on a minimal scale. The application for other two location licenses are in pipe Line            Quality and quantity of gold at the location Area of LL 1898 and LL1920. Prior to the Government’s re­cognition of Artisanal miners, unregulated mining was being carried out and it’s the basis upon which the company confidently states that the purity of the gold in the area ranges from 94–100%. And after the services of a geologist named in table in the first phase, the company shall be able to project the quantity of the gold it expects to produce in any given period.          Now we are looking for gold investors and buyers to continue developing our services and  company. For more information contact what'sapp or  +27732556­584 Email: shadshad995@gma­il.com  

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